At State of the Art Fundraising Art Auctions, we are a company that offers the world's finest art at prices that are lower than you'll find in most any gallery in the world. Discriminating art for the serious collector. Significant art for the true lover of great art. All costing less. STATE OF THE ART FUNDRAISING ART AUCTIONS. A GREAT FUNDRAISING IDEA!
Featured Artist
Jim Buckels
paintings, lithographs, and serigraphs
His images Have been in publication since 1987

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Freccia D'Oro
Original Color Silkscreen
Hand Signed & Numbered Sold Out
Top 8 Artist Biographies
Nocturne by Jim Buckels
Original Silkscreen
Hand Signed & Numbered

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Saturnella By Jim Buckels
This is Jim Buckels' latest release
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